Lessons Learned

In life you either learn things the easy way or the hard way.  In the bar life, its either the quick way or the embarrassing way.  At least that’s how it goes for me.

As you know I started my bar tending career with absolutely no experience.  After three weeks now, I feel that I’m doing pretty good.  I’m a lot quicker, I don’t need to ask as many questions, and I am getting to know costumers.  All these different things I learned quick and easy.  Might have been a little stumble but it wasn’t a major fall.

Then there was last night.  It was our first night doing volleyball and it was our 70 degree party (first day that it’s 70 degrees we have free beer).  By the time I arrived we were on our 6th keg and it was up to a whopping .50 cents.  So it was a little busy.  I ended up getting sent outside to cocktail.  On our deck we don’t have any liquor or computer.  I had to take orders and go back inside to make what they wanted and ring them up.  It took me a few times to realize it was quicker to take the money with the order because then I wasn’t walking around with extra money on me and making twice as many trips.

One costumer in specific gave me his credit card to start a tab on and another gentleman in his group gave me cash for a beer.  On my way to get the credit cards drink, I put that card in my back pocket for safe keeping.  Very safe keeping.  This costumer ended up meeting me at the bar and totally made me forget everything I was doing.  I helped him carry his order back and went about my business.

The rest of the night ended up going quickly.  I got out early and went home.  I relaxed for a little before washing my face and putting on sweats.  That’s when I get this text…


My thoughts in order “What?…where are my pants…FUCK…oh no oh no oh no…I took a costumers credit card…are they going to think I was trying to steal it…SHIT…DAMN IT…respond and get your ass out the door”  Which is what I did, I grabbed the first easy on shoes by the door and ran out it.  Which meant I had my hair on top of my head, no make up on, wearing a hoodie and workout capris, and furry UGG boots. Great picture in your mind, I know it.

And of course when I get to the bar no one answers their phone.  So here I go, walking in, like that.  Even though it was super embarrassing, everyone was so nice (and funny) about it.  One of my managers might have bent over laughing at my UGGs.  And another coworker asked me if I wanted to stay for a drink, in a very sarcastic manner.  Needless to say I got out of there as soon as I could.  Though, with a huge smile on my face, because at that point, you can only laugh about such things.

So the lesson learned, ALWAYS CHECK YOUR POCKETS BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE BAR! Seems pretty simple and like common sense but apparently I needed this to help remind me.  Well life, lesson learned.



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