a BIG change

All my life I have always had a plan.  Graduate high school, go to college for teaching, graduate, and have a job.  Well things don’t always turn out the way we plan.  I’ve made due and have still aways worked toward that end goal of a teaching job, but recently I am learning that there is a very good chance that isn’t the goal I am distended to reach.

About a year ago I took a job as a Preschool Teacher.  I thought, “wow, great! this is going to finally get me the experience I need to get a elementary teaching job”.  And I couldn’t have been more right and wrong at the same time.  I learned even more first hand what it takes to be a teacher, while also learning that it wasn’t what was making me happy.  Now, yes, I am going back and forth on that it could be the place and not the job.  I have worked toward being a teacher since I was a sophomore in High School.  Though, I discovered very quickly that the things I loved about teaching, wasn’t the teaching itself.  I liked finding new ways to teach something, but not actually teaching it.

This, among other things, lead me to quitting on Friday.  That was a head explosion itself.  I have always had a save, secure, ‘normal’, job.  If I every quit a job, it was because I had a ‘better’ one lined up.  Well not this time.  However, lucky enough, I did just start a new adventure in my part time job.  One that I got on a whim because something just felt right about doing it RIGHT NOW in my life.  And I guess I now see why.

So what is this new adventure you might be wondering.  All my life I have worked with kids.  In some form or fashion.  I have never had any other type of job.  Until now.  Now I am a bartender.

That might not seem too out of the realm of ordinary, but for me, it is.  I am the girl that goes to the bar and ether orders a Spotted Cow (obviously from Wisconsin if you know what that is) or a Captain and Diet (because that is what my dad always drank growing up).  I don’t know any mixed drinks, I can’t tell you any mixed drinks, and I certainly can’t make any.  So switching to the other side of the bar was intimidating.  But I thought, I’m almost 26 and all of a sudden I don’t know what I want out of life, so I might as well try it now.

That led me to my first week of training.  The great thing about the bar that I got a job at was that it is a very local, regular, bar.  Everyone knows everyone and the bartenders are so nice.  It was the same once I joined.  Everyone was beyond helpful and instantly there for me if they saw me struggling.  

But I’ll get to more of those stories later.  For this first post I just want to put myself out there and say “hello”.  I have always wanted to write more and express myself in this way, but have never been the best at it.  So, I am hoping with this new life change and my mid-mid-life crises going on, it’ll finally click and stick.  I think in the end I’ll be happy I took the time to write stories, tips, notes, experiences I go through.

But most of all, I want to put myself out there in a way I never have and learn that it’s not as scary as I have always thought it would be.  I hope you enjoy reading and learn or take away something for yourself.

xxox Lauren


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